Welcome! I’m really glad you’re here because you are right on the edge of taking a really positive step towards getting your relationship back on track. 

If you have only just come across me online and don't really know who I am, I do encourage you to watch a bit more of my content before applying, just to ensure you feel I'm someone who can help you.

Also, to be clear... I only help people who are serious and committed to making positive changes. So, if that isn't you, I kindly ask you not to apply.

The responses below will give me an overview and help me to figure out exactly what support you need and how best I can help.

After you’ve pressed submit I’ll reach out to you personally to have a no-pressure chat about what your next best steps are. I’m really looking forward to understanding more.

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If your application is accepted, I will create a personalised (6-week or 6-month) plan for you based on my Reboot Method.



Ideal if you want to dramatically improve the way you are showing up in your relationship


For couples wanting to learn tools and techniques to transform their relationship in just 6 weeks


The ultimate solution for couples wanting to implement long-term habit change that can provide relationship fulfilment for the next 5, 10, 20+ years

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