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These sessions are the ideal way to meet your coach face-to-face. They also give your coach the opportunity to assess if they feel you are suitable for one of our programs.

They will discuss this with you at the end of the 30 minutes and outline a number of options.

Equally, if at the end of your free Zoom call they don't feel you're quite the right fit, they will always point you in the right direction and offer you some advice.

Does that sound fair?

We're nearly there now...

By the way, you can request a free 30-minute coaching session via Zoom by finishing this form.

Just to be clear...

This is a relationship coaching service focused on helping couples overcome specific challenges in their relationship, such as conflict, intimacy, trust and communication.

If it is believed you require specialist therapy for the treatment or diagnosis of deep-rooted historical conditions then this might be recommended alongside the coaching.

All relationships require energy, focus and action in order to improve. Please agree that you are committed to making this relationship work and you are happy to explore the next step.

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